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UNIX Computer Training

UNIX is a computer operating system developed by AT&T Bell Labs.

UNIX has impressive power, but the technical competence required to operate its command-line interface caused it to fall from favor as Novell and Microsoft began shipping network operating systems in the 1990s. Quite frankly the UNIX syntax was not intuitive, and its interface was unfriendly. Microsoft made things easier for network administrators.

Now a single Graphical User Interface that is shipped and supported by all major UNIX vendors has replaced command-line syntax. We also now see companies using Linux - and a rebirth of interest in UNIX.

Michigan Technology Services has alliances with instructors well versed in UNIX, as well as Linux.

If you are in need of UNIX training, command-line or GUI, Michigan Technology Services, located in the metro Detroit area, is a valuable resource.

For detailed information on Michigan Technology Services UNIX training, call 248-489-0408



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