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Voice over IP, VoIP, Computer Training

Call it what you want, Voice over IP, VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. It's just another way of saying IP Telephony. IP Telephony? Well, it lets you transmit telephone calls over a data network like the Internet. In plain English, VoIP can send voice, fax and other information over the Internet, rather than through the regular telephone network. After an initial investment it can bring big cost savings to a business over the long haul. We believe that companies in the Detroit area will quickly embrace this emerging technology.

Cisco has been a pioneer in developing VoIP technology. Cisco has created several VoIP computer training courses, and related certifications.

Michigan Technology Services has alliances with consultants well versed in Voice over IP technologies. We will offer two types of VoIP classes - one for the IT professional who wants to obtain the Cisco VoIP Support Specialist Certification; the other class for the nontechnical business manager.

Some of the topics MTS will cover in our VoIP training include:

  • Overview of the PSTN and Comparisons to Voice over IP
  • Basic Telephony Signaling
  • Signaling System 7
  • Voice over IP Benefits and Applications
  • VoIP: An In-Depth Analysis
  • Quality of Service
  • IP Signaling Protocols:
    • H.323
    • Session Initiation Protocol
    • Gateway Control Protocols
    • Virtual Switch Controller
  • Voice over IP Configuration, Applications and Services

If you are in need of VoIP training or consulting, Michigan Technology Services, located in the metro Detroit area, is a valuable resource.

For detailed information on Michigan Technology Services Voice over IP training, contact MTS at 248-489-0408



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