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Microsoft Office Training and Basic Computer Skills

Does it feel like everybody knows how to use a computer - except you?

Do you or your office staff need to learn about the newest version of MS Office?

It's easy to feel like you missed the boat. When you think about it, kids all over Michigan are getting basic computer training and learning basic computer skills in school. It's a fact, however, that most people, especially those over the age of 25 or so, didn't get computer training while attending grade school in the Detroit area. So don't blame yourself or feel foolish because you don't have basic computer skills. And here's a little secret - young people haven't realized the full potential of what computer training can do for you.

OK, so you know you need to take a computer class. Maybe it's because you want to start a new career and you notice that potential employers keep asking about your computer proficiency. Maybe you just want to get computer training so you know how to use your home computer more effectively. Whatever the reason, Michigan Technology Services, located in Farmington Hills, part of the metro Detroit, MI area, has a beginner computer training program for you. Not only will you build greater confidence in yourself, you will gain the computer skills necessary to do a great job.

So it's just beginning computer training, but even Bill Gates started at square one!

Here is what you can expect to learn in Michigan Technology Services beginner computer training course:

Module 1 - Fundamental Concepts Of Information Technology (IT)

Module 2 - Using The Computer and Managing Files - Microsoft Windows

Module 3 - Word Processing - MS Word

Module 4 - Spreadsheets - MS Excel

Module 5 - Databases - MS Access

Module 6 - Presentations - MS PowerPoint

Module 7 - Internet and Email - Internet Explorer and MS Outlook

For detailed info, contact Michigan Technology Services, 248-489-0408

Want more advanced classes? No problem - just give us a call.

If you want to take MS office classes, but you don’t want to sit in a classroom, read about online Microsoft Office Training.

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