Agile Marketing Training

Agile Marketing Training with Michigan Technology Services

Michigan Technology Services offers instructor-led agile marketing training, as well as other Agile and Scrum courses, through a partnership with a Professional Scrum Trainer. The agile training can take place at our location in Farmington Hills, 20 miles outside of Detroit, or onsite at your office anywhere throughout the United States.

While many agile trainers fly into metro Detroit to deliver Scrum and Agile classes at a hotel, like a Scrum Product Owner workshop, and then leave, we live here and support the local Agile community. We continue to sponsor regional Agile conferences and meetups. We have successfully run Agile and Certified ScrumMaster courses for multiple teams in the Great Lakes area.
What is Agile Marketing Training?
Marketing is undergoing a major disruption via the transition to Digital Marketing.

Agile Marketing helps marketers build a healthier funnel and contribute more revenue by improving the time to market. You will notice a higher quality and impact of your marketing campaigns.

Our 2-day workshop is comprehensive – starting from the basics, diving deeper into the real-world struggles and underlying principles. Participants will share experience from real case studies, and not shy away from tough questions.

At the end of the workshop you will:

  • Understand the need and key drivers for Agile Marketing
  • Understand the principles of real Agile Marketing and how it’s different than Agile Development
  • Understand what Agile Marketing teams look like
  • Learn to organize marketing work around the customer and experience.
  • Learn how to plan and execute in an Agile way using Scrum and Kanban
  • Understand the difference between incrementing and iterating and how to integrate learning/experimentation into your marketing process.
  • Learn from case studies of other marketing organizations that are shifting to Agile.
  • Learn how to start implementing Agile Marketing in your team/organization.

Your trainer:

Yuval Yeret, from Agile Sparks, delivers our Leading SAFe workshops. He is both an SPCT and a Professional Scrum Trainer, with extensive agile and Scrum experience. The SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) certification is the highest level of certification provided by Scaled Agile. It is for individuals who demonstrate superior knowledge, competency, and in-depth field experience in adopting Agile across an enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework.


The next Agile Marketing class in Farmington Hills will be announced soon.

Want a class in Michigan?

Private classes for groups are available upon request. Call 248-489-0408 for details.

For additional Agile Marketing Training with Michigan Technology Services class information or to request a class date contact Michigan Technology Services. 248-489-0408

A 2-Day Immersion in Agile Marketing

Day 1

  • Awareness
  • The Need For Agile Marketing
  • What Is Agile Marketing (And What It Isn’t)
  • Principles and Practices
  • Customer Focus through Agile Teams and Stories
  • Implementing An Agile Planning/Execution Approach w/ Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban
  • Creating a Validated Learning Process/Culture
  • Collaboration/Alignment/Effective Agile teams

Day 2

  • Succeeding w/ Agile Marketing
  • Agile Marketing in Real Life (Case Studies)
  • Scaling Agile Marketing
  • Change Management
  • Beyond Agile Marketing – Towards Business Agility
  • Plan Your Agile Marketing Implementation

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