Online Certified Agile Leadership Training

Online Certified Agile Leadership Training with Michigan Technology Services

Michigan Technology Services offers instructor-led Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) training, as well as other Agile and Scrum courses, through partnerships with a number of Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainers. The training can take place at our location in Farmington Hills, 20 miles outside of Detroit, or onsite at your office anywhere throughout the United States. Our Agile workshops and Agile coaching sessions can now also be offered virtually, reducing your need to travel.

Our core group of Agile coaches and trainers live here in metro Detroit and support the local Agile community. We continue to sponsor regional Agile conferences, and have successfully run Agile and Certified Scrum courses for multiple teams in the Great Lakes area.

Pete Behrens and Rachel Weston Rowell are our Agile Leadership instructors and guides. Pete guides leaders to transform themselves and their organizations toward Agile ways of working and improved outcomes. Pete is a Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Educator. He has been educating Agile leaders since 2011, developed the CAL Program for the Scrum Alliance in 2016 and founded the Agile Leadership Journey Program in 2018. Further, he is a Thought Leader and Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) through the Scrum Alliance. Pete developed the CEC Program for the Scrum Alliance in 2007. Rachel is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and an Agile Leadership Educator.  She has been guiding leadership teams for over twenty years, and is passionate about helping executive teams grow their startup organizations.

About Agile Leadership and Shaping Culture Education

We offer our impactful 2-day Certified Agile Leadership (Shaping Culture) onsite workshop via two independent online programs. The first is focused on the leader and the second on the organization. Each 60-90 minute online module is combined with pre-work and practice.

This workshop follows the learning objectives and meets the credentials for Agile Leadership Journey Aware Leader Credentials and the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership Essentials (CAL E) and Organizations (CAL O) Credentials.

Agile Leader

Agile Organization

Agile Leader & Org

Developing leadership self-awareness, capacity and situational agility to improve the leader’s impact on organizational health and performance. Developing organization culture awareness and alignment toward agile ways of working to improve cross-team, department and division effectiveness. Combine Agile Leader and Organization Workshops to complete the full awareness curriculum. Workshops will be run consecutively.

OVERVIEW: Agile Leadership Workshop
The Agile Leadership Workshop provides education for leaders in understanding how they can shape micro-culture through their own thinking and behaviors to support agile ways of working and improve business outcomes.
MODULE 1: Workshop Kickoff & Business Agility Context
We introduce online program participants and their guide, build working agreements, and discuss the business case for agility covering the increasing speed and complexity of work and the management trends which have followed.
MODULE 2: Agile Leadership Introduction
We introduce the Leadership Agility development model and illustrate thinking and behaviors at multiple stages. Discuss how expert, achiever, and catalyst leadership approaches can be situationally applied at work.
MODULE 3: Catalyst Leadership
The #1 request we hear from prospective participants is “quit telling leaders what NOT to do and help them with what TO DO”. We provide leaders clarity, beyond a servant leadership approach, in how to situationally adapt, engage others, improve their own awareness and catalyze growth in the organization.
MODULE 4: Catalyst Conversations
We learn and practice a simple, yet powerful, conversational tool to help leaders practice catalyst leadership in every conversation at work (and home!). This tool helps leaders balance their power style and empower employee action.
MODULE 5: Catalyst Feedback
Feedback is a fundamental principle of an adaptive, empirical process. We help Agile Leaders to create safe spaces for effectively giving AND receiving feedback through cognitive awareness and tools to lower the threat of feedback.
MODULE 6: Catalyst Habits
We help leaders self-identify their key habits and show how identifying and practicing new habits will increase their leadership capacity and effectiveness. Agility is not a one-time event, rather it is a life-long mindset of curiosity, learning and adapting.

OVERVIEW: Agile Organization Workshop
The Agile Organization Workshop provides education for leaders in understanding how to shape the macro culture by identifying and modifying structures, policies and measures to align values and drive behavior to support agile ways of working.
MODULE 1: Program Kickoff & Organization Culture
We introduce cohort participants and their guide, build working agreements, and dive into organizational culture and how those values can both inhibit and enable more agile ways of working.
MODULE 2: Agile Organizations
We compare outside-in and inside-out approaches to adopting more agile ways of working across the organization. Explore case studies in how other organizations have shaped their culture through changing structures, policies and measures.
MODULE 3: Shaping Culture with Structures, Policies and Measures
Leveraging the previous two modules as the core learning, we leverage this session to focus on their organizational culture, and the structures, policies and measures that are key to influencing it. Further, they create a direction to shape a desired culture as influenced by experiments to try.
MODULE 4: Alignment & Co-creating Change
Following the discovery of the desired culture to shape, and potential experiments to influence that shape, leaders will explore together on one prioritized change to focus and create an actionable plan using a V2MOM to align them and their stakeholders on that change.
MODULE 5: Leading Change in an Agile Way
Change creates a threat to many within the organization. The challenge is that it impacts each employee differently. Navigating the transition caused by change is a key responsibility of an agile leader. We explore healthy transitions and the leader’s role in creating such an environment.
MODULE 6: Workshop Closure & Taking it Forward
Finally, we don’t leave leaders with only a “that was fun” feeling, we help them identify clear action plans to carry forward in their practice following the workshop. We introduce a 4-meeting protocol for leaders to operate effectively every day, week, quarter and throughout the year.

How We Engage with You Online

Personal 8-Member or Less Cohorts
We break large classes into small 8-person or less cohorts to foster safety, engagement and discussion. Each cohort is led by a professional Agile Leadership Journey Guide.The small cohorts create a natural shared accountability engagement, with little reason or desire to disengage from the sessions.Cohort members build relationships and journey together through the workshop schedule.

Flexible Modular Scheduling
We break our programs into 6 modules each delivered in 60-90 minute sessions per day with flexible daily schedules. For example, public workshops are run Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays for 2 weeks and private workshops can be modified to Tuesday/Thursday for 3 weeks, every day for a week, or customized to fit into a corporate schedule.Different cohorts can use different times of day and different weekly schedules.

Powerful Visual Collaboration Platforms
We build our online programs on Mural and Open EdX, powerful visual management and online learning platforms to fully engage leaders in the learning process.Through structured module-based visual boards, leaders are provided the structure required for program learning clarity, personal engagement to connect to the learning and the visual connection to others learning in their same cohort.

Khan Academy Style Learning
We leverage an industry standard online learning approach using Khan Academy Style learning where participants explore the education through videos and self-discovery and leverage our online engagements for discussion and practice.

Secure Zoom Video Conferencing
We use secure Zoom video conferencing and request all participants enable video to further connect to their peers and the guide.


Our next online Certified Agile Leadership class is scheduled for November 9  –  December 11, 2020. The regular course fee is $2,250/student, but early enrollment prior to October 26 will be $1,950/student.

This workshop follows the learning objectives and meets the credentials for Agile Leadership Journey Aware Leader Credentials and the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership Essentials (CAL E) and Organizations (CAL O) Credentials.

Private Certified Agile Leadership workshops for groups or companies are available upon request. We have conducted numerous onsite and/or online CAL classes for clients all over the globe. Onsite, these days, pending public health concerns.  We can also customize a workshop for you, and address specific needs with a selection of modules.

Our Agile Leadership educator is also available for coaching and consulting. Contact us for additional details.

For complete information on Agile Leadership classes or to request a class date contact Michigan Technology Services. 248-489-0408

Benefits of Online Learning

Higher Retention Learning - Our online education is not simply a remote version of our onsite workshops. Rather, we break our workshops into modules and spread them out over a longer period of time allowing for a higher degree of retained learning. Each 60-90 minute online session is combined with pre-work and practice.

More Intimate Learning - Our online workshops do not attempt to engage 25-30 leaders at a time. Rather, we break large classes into multiple cohorts of 6 or less participants. Each cohort meets separately online and is facilitated by a professional Agile Leadership Journey Guide. Furthermore, online discussion is combined with off-line video watching, pre-work and practice.

More Flexible Learning - Our online workshop delivery is customized by time of day and days of the week. For example, clients can customize cohort sessions to Tuesday/Thursday for 3 weeks, Monday/Wednesday/Friday for 2 weeks, every day for a week. Furthermore, each cohort can be run on different schedules.

Build Online Engagement Competency - We role model effective online engagement for leaders who themselves are responsible to engage employees online.

More Climate-Friendly - Online workshops reduce travel and your carbon footprint.

Less Expensive - With reduced overhead for travel, venue, and food costs, the overall program is less expensive than an onsite workshop.

Social Distancing Support - In a time of social contact concerns due to the recent virus, our workshops enable at home and at work engagement with less risk of exposure.

Additional benefits of joining our Agile Leadership workshops

Participants are eligible for SEUs (Scrum Educational Units)

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